The secret’s out. Strength training for runners makes you run faster. It doesn’t make you bulk up. It doesn’t make you slow down. Instead, it improves your running economy so you can run faster, longer.

One of the benefits of my hamstring injury was that it forced me to start…

Gut Training for runners can stop runner’s stomach, runner’s trots, & bonking

Being a runner has many wonderful side effects but one of them is NOT runner’s trots or runner’s stomach — diarrhea that endurance runners experience when going the distance. In fact, GI distress and running almost go hand in hand. I mean, it’s no coincidence that “runs” is a double…

Learn how to ditch mom guilt so that you never feel bad for taking care of yourself!

There is something nearly all moms have in common. What? Mom guilt.

What is mom guilt?

Mom guilt is that pervasive feeling that you’re doing something wrong; that you aren’t being the best mom you can for your kid(s); that you are doing something that could “mess them up.”


It’s marathon taper time and you’re feeling cranky, tired, and sore.

You’re running less so how is that possible? What the heck is going on?

We call this marathon “taper tantrums” and they aren’t unlike the temper tantrums we’re used to as mother runners. It’s because your body is tired…

Whitney Heins

Whitney Heins is the founder of The Mother Runners, a place where moms who run or want to run can find information and inspiration to chase their dreams.

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